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Webdesign for National Romanian Opera House TImisoara


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Along with choosing our city as European Capital of Culture 2021, the full attention of the audience are turning to culture units. Is the most representative Romanian Opera Timisoara. Unit with a long history that has been with all the key moments in Timisoara.

Our company is proud to be the exclusive partner of all its TLS IT projects.

And we created for our partners a new website which allows exposure of the shows that are put on stage, all artists, presenting public information.

This site presentation is complemented by an online booking system that includes an interactive chart that allows choice of place in the hall and purchase tickets online.

Customers can login and see their tickets anytime, they can download in PDF format or request their return within the time prescribed by regulation.

Royalty created and used ticket agency system that allows printing on a thermal printer to tutr tickets sold by the agency. It also automatically generates various reports. The system is designed to allow different levels of access and monitoring the actions of all administrators and users.

Checking tickets sold online are made using hand scanners that use a Windows Mobile application that helps the user to see in an instant if the ticket is valid or if it has been used. Thus eliminating any attempted fraud.

As a complement to this system, Opera offers an API interconnection partners who wish to sell its tickets, providing information on price, availability etc.

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